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"-@TheRealMikeBoss has been the man behind some of the most incredible compilation/brand videos #WalkAway has put out. He created a movie "A House Divided" FULL of incredible conservative arguments on every issue. Arm yourself w info watching this film!"
Founder of The #WalkAway Campaign
Brandon Straka
“We watched A HOUSE DIVIDED and it was awesome! We need more movies like this! A movie based on real conversations that happen all over the country!”
Producer of the Dinesh D'Souza Podcast
Debbie D'Souza
"My head's exploding :)
Walking away ..."
Creative Producer and Director
Roman Wyden

This movie is supported by:

Project Veritas
Debbie & Dinesh D'Souza
#WalkAway Campaign - Brandon Straka
Right Side Broadcasting Network
James Red Pills America
Joy Villa - Singer/Songwriter
Gary Humble - Singer/Songwriter

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Meet The Bosses!

Filmmakers of the movie, A HOUSE DIVIDED

We’re Mike & Jessica Boss, a filmmaking hubby and wifey team who make films for God and country.  

As Christian, Conservatives, we recognize that Hollywood films are loaded with false left-wing narratives that have indoctrinated many and have led to the destruction of values, freedom and unity in our society.  

God has given us the platform of filmmaking to carry out His assignment for our lives. Therefore, we are using our God-given gifts to write engaging screenplays and turn them into compelling feature films with patriotic themes woven inside. That's why we made A HOUSE DIVIDED, to share Conservative truth & values through filmmaking! We desire to bring people back to truth, love and wholeness with our storytelling.  

With all of the censorship that we’ve seen, we now realize the importance of building our own platforms so that the truth can’t be silenced.  
meet the Creators behind the Movie
Mike & Jessica Boss
Mike Boss - Writer/Director/Actor 
Jessica Boss - Co-Director/Actress/Producer 
Our mission is to combat the typical lies of the mainstream media.  We already had a couple of people tell us that they're walking away from the Democratic Party after watching it. So, if you want to spread the truth to those on the fence, then click on the button below to get the movie!
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